UHR Series

Key Features

  • Made in Democratic Taiwan in an ISO 9001 facility
  • Capacities from 13.2 lb – 660 lb with Precision of 0.0005 – 0.02 lb
  • Ultra-High Resolution and Readability of 30,000 Divisions
  • Large 2” High Intelligent Backlight™ Indicator Display
  • Strong, Corrosion Resistant Cast Aluminum Base
  • Single-Weigh with Print Button or Accumulation
  • Rechargeable Battery with Built-in AC Line Cord
  • RS-232 Interface including Remote Commands
  • Animal Weighing Filtering
Data Sheet
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Product Description

The UHR (Ultra High Resolution) bench scale is specifically designed for applications where high accuracy is imperative. The load cell sensor and indicators are specially chosen to provide the highest possible repeatability in corner loading and return to zero results. Manufactured from strong and light cast aluminum, these scales are designed for applications where accurate results are paramount. This accurate and serviceable unit is our replacement for the Sartorius Miras 2 bench scale.


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