SEK Series Checkweighing Scale

Made in democratic Taiwan

Key Features

  • All-in-One Program: Weighing, Checkweighing (Weight / Quantity), Counting
  • Save up to 10 individual product memories
  • Programmable HI-LO-GO Audio Output
  • 60,000 Displayed Divisions
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Selectable Weighing Units (g, lb, lb:oz)
  • RS232 Interface
  • HI-LO-GO Light Tower Included
  • Audio and Visual Alarm

Data Sheet  Video

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Product Description

The SEK Checkweighing Scale from Intelligent Weighing Technology is a dedicated “checkweigher” that allows you to weigh a sample against a predetermined set of parameters. Simply tell the scale what you want to be considered “too light, too heavy, or just right.” The scale comes with a HI-LO-GO light tower (as pictured) for easy operation. This unit is great for quality control, order fulfillment, manufacturing or production.

Features and Benefits

  • Save up to 10 individual product memories
  • HI-LO-GO Check status indicator and programmable audio output. Ideal for portion control, checkweighing or counting, ensuring fast throughput with fewer mistakes
  • Zero tracking – Ensures that you always start weighing at zero
  • Digital motion filter at zero and weighing – Automatically adjusts for adverse environmental conditions
  • Auto-calibration function – ensures accuracy
  • RS232 interface – Allows communication with peripheral data collection and printing instruments
  • Internal rechargeable battery – Portability – can be used in various locations without access to a wall outlet (battery life – approximately 90 hours – light tower requires 120 VAC)
  • Tri-color light tower – easy to view by operator or supervisory staff
  • Audio and visual alarm
ModelCapacityReadabilityPlatform Size
SEK-6K6000 g / 13.2 lb0.1 g / 0.01 oz13.6 x 9 Inches
SEK-30K30 kg / 66 lb0.5 g / 0.02 oz13.6 x 9 Inches
SEK-60K60 kg / 132 lb1 g / 0.1 oz13.6 x 9 Inches