Seven Year Support

//Seven Year Support

Seven Year Support

We pride ourselves in offering our dealers one of the best ranges of weighing instruments available in the North American market. However, we have noticed a disturbing trend where some manufacturers are no longer supporting products with spare parts after only a few years! When spare parts are no longer available, you begin to wonder where your support is. Part of our strategy is to select balances and scales from manufacturers who provide above standard support.

It pleases me to inform you that we at Intelligent Weighing Technology will support all our products for seven years following their sale to you, the dealer. That’s right, seven years. This helps you support your customer by supplying parts and service for a reasonable length of time.

Scales and balances are physical, dynamic, complicated machines. They are not mere “apps” which cost you a monthly or yearly charge until—lo and behold—they tell you that it is no longer supported! These devices are in constant daily use in the real world by real people, and they should be treated and supported as such.

End of rant!

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