The Reliable Stability of Tuning Fork Technology | A Real World Example

//The Reliable Stability of Tuning Fork Technology | A Real World Example

The Reliable Stability of Tuning Fork Technology | A Real World Example

Travel Creates a Dilemma for Dynamic Machines

If you talk about portability and analytical balances in the same breath, it seems like an oxymoron. Most balances are sensitive to being transported due to shock damage, as well as thermal changes. Most analytical balances like to be positioned carefully and left there.  But what if you needed to move your balance, not just to the next room in the lab, but to the next country or halfway around the world? What do you do then?

This was the dilemma faced by a major pharmaceutical company that wanted to calibrate equipment which had been installed in several different countries. To do this, they would send their own specially trained technicians, along with their equipment (including a 4 place 0.0001 g analytical balance), but they would need to fly them by commercial airlines.

What to do? It seemed there were no options available that would keep the equipment safe from damage while traveling, and yet be available for use almost instantly after unpacking. The company eventually called in Intelligent Weighing Technology.

An Unconventional Solution

Enter the HT 224R analytical balance. This 4-place instrument—made in Japan—uses a different, double ended tuning fork technology to measure
changes in the vibration of the sensor, set up by load on the platter.  Unlike conventional force restoration or hybrid technologies, tuning fork technology is not affected by the shock damage associated with shipping or by temperature changes. As such, it is ready to weigh almost instantly.  What’s more, the weighing chamber is built of specially treated anti-static plastic which will not break during travel.

Intelligent Weighing Technology also built special transport cases that can be safely shipped as checked baggage.  The HT 224R balances can be shipped around the world and, after removal from their case, can be positioned and calibrated, within minutes.

Now, the balances can be shipped anywhere in the world, accompanying the technicians, ready to be used quickly. The savings in time and money alone have made this effort worthwhile.

Weighing Magnetic Materials

Another bonus is that as these balances do not use a magnet to function, as with magnetic force restoration balances. Therefore, they are much less sensitive to magnetic materials, an attribute that has opened up a whole new market. With the use of non-magnetic materials for the platter, the influence of magnetic samples is all but negated.

Priced Right

Finally, this quality designed and built balance is extremely well position in the value market and will meet most budgets.


As seen in the March 2017 edition of Lab Manager magazine

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