XM 60 / XM 60HR

XM 60 / XM 60HR


Key Features

• Force Compensation by Precisa®
• Three and Four-Place Readability
• Key-Select™ Single Log Press for Reporting
• Program and Store up to 20 Methods
• Choice of Resolution for Specific Applications
• Programmable Intervals
• Available with Halogen, Infrared or Metal heater
(glass free)
• RS-232 Connectivity
• Made in Switzerland
• Pan Size: 3.54″

Data Sheet



The Laboratory Superior Standard XM 60 Series moisture balances were designed for everyday high throughput use in the analytical or quality control lab, supporting established product or material manufacturing. The XM series is available in moderate resolution (XM 60 – 0.001g, 0.01% moisture) or high resolution (XM 60-HR 0.0001g, 0.001% moisture). Both versions also offer a choice of heating options (Halogen, Infrared, or glass-free Metal) – to best match the production applications, sample needs, and FDA/HACCP requirements.

Resolution_Choices XM

Resolution choices to match your application

The XM 60-HR – with high resolution, 0.001% moisture, and memory for 20 methods is the ideal product for many high performance industrial applications, including trace moisture in plastics for injection molding.

Flexibility_in_Heater_Choice XM

Flexibility in Heater Choice

Three choices for heater; Halogen, Infrared, or glass-free Metal for FDA/HAACP considerations. Choose the best match for your needs to heat as fast as your samples allow – for best throughput and high quality moisture results without decomposition.

Connectivity_built_in XM

Connectivity – built-in and options

RS232 is standard, USB is optional. The XM 60 and XM 60-HR are computer and printer ready with GLP/GMP/ISO compliant print formats with date/time stamp. Data is fully formatted for direct transfer to Windows® applications in Excel®, with optional third-party wedge software.

Programmable_Methods XM

Programmable Methods

Up to 20 methods may be set up, stored, and used. Each method will set a target heating temperature, heat rate “ramp” method, and choice of five endpoint (stop) methods including AdaptStop™ – a fully automatic endpoint mode.

Heat_Rate_Ramp XM

Heat Rate “Ramp” Flexibility

Heat rate choices of Soft, Standard and Boost provide simple time/temperature profile management – without requiring ramp programming. Soft, Standard and Boost use temperature feedback to provide slow, standard and high heat rate – each including a different rate of approach to a target temperature.

Reports_Available_with_Single XM

Reports available with single key press.

The XM 60 Series includes Key-Select™ Mode for single key press reports. Simply press print and hold until the desired report is listed in the display, then release for print or RS232 output to computer. All reports include date/time stamp. Reports are available for statistics, status, and applications.

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XM-60 Models

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