XB-M Series Milligram

XB-M Series Milligram


Designed, temperature compensated and inspected in Switzerland

Key Features

• Force Compensation by Precisa®
• Three and Four-Place Readability
• Key-Select™ Single Log Press for Reporting
• Program and Store up to 20 Methods
• Choice of Resolution for Specific Applications
• Programmable Intervals
• Available with Halogen, Infrared or Metal heater
(glass free)
• RS232 Connectivity
• Made in Switzerland
• Pan Size: 3.54″

Data Sheet
User Manual



Vacuum Fluorescent Display

The strikingly brilliant display, coupled with intuitive prompts and the easy to program washdown keypad, make for an easy to use balance.

Calibration Warning System

Shows a warning message if the balance recognizes a significant temperature change and therefore a calibration is recommended.


Data Management

The range is equipped with all of today’s standard weighing applications. All weighing data can be captured for further data processing via the built in RS 232 interface.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz





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XB-M Models

XB-320M, XB-620M