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Measuring Weight Loss Through Automated Ashing with a Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA)

  • Fully automatic thermo-gravimetrical analysis with end-point recognition replaces drying oven, muffle furnace and analytical balance
  • 3 Models in the prepASH® Series 340 with 12, 19, or 29 samples are the optimum solution for various applications
  • Built-in high performance analytical balance 0.0001g Selectable atmosphere (N2, O2, Air)
  • Easy operation of the instrument with color touch screen and built-in computer (Windows)®
  • Real-time evaluation of weight loss during the drying and ashing process is shown directly on the prepASH display and via network to external computers
  • Various communication ports: Ethernet, 2 USB ports (for PC, Printer, Barcode reader, Keyboard)
  • Printout: complete report with graphics, tables, method and statistics
  • Error free protocols and reports


prepASH® Series 340 represents the highest level of thermo-gravimetric analysis and offers revolutionary improvement of sample preparation, analysis and documentation.

  • Massive reduction in the work-load through the simultaneous evaluation of Moisture, Volatiles, Ash and Fixed Carbon content of up to 29 samples in one cycle
  • Standard Analysis is easily transferred to prepASH® Series 340 and validated
  • Optimization of analysis time up to 70%
  • Automatic calculation and documentation of Moisture, Volatiles, Ash and Fixed Carbon values
  • Automatic cycle ensures the best reproducibility, quality and throughput
  • Graphical report of measuring values, either single or in groups, with sample recognition in color


Moisture and volatile matters are determined under protection nitrogen atmosphere. The ashing step is done under oxidizing atmosphere with oxygen. prepASH® must be equipped with the gas flow control unit. Included in the supply are Al2O3 crucibles with covers, steel turn-table and tweezers.

Reference Coal and Calibration

Reference material is used to calibrate the methods for the determination of volatile matter and content of samples. prepASH® is delivered with a standard method and pre-calibrated with 3 standards. Customer the materials must cover the full range of expected volatile matter contents of the coal and coke samples that will be routinely analyzed.

Analysis Time – 2 to 5 hours

Method and Procedure

Standard analysis is easily programmed on the prepASH® Series 340. The user is guided through the manual steps such as weighing in, covering and uncovering the crucibles.

  1. Load crucibles into the furnace carousel and weight all the crucibles automatically.
  2. Load the samples in the crucibles and weigh them.
  3. Press “Start”.
  4. Cover crucibles after drying.
  5. Uncover crucibles before ashing.
  6. Automatic printout of report at the end of analysis.