The New Improved SEK HI-LO-GO

//The New Improved SEK HI-LO-GO

The New Improved SEK HI-LO-GO

SEKThe newly improved SEK Series is now equipped with Limit Data Memory Storage. This means that you can save up to 10 product HI-LO-GO memories in a designated memory location on the numerical keypad. The unit can be set up by supervisory staff, enabling operators to only access the correct data on the keypad, keeping the important decisions in the hands of the supervisor.

The SEK is ideal for checkweighing or batch counting, even in noisy factories. The highly visible, three colored light tower provides excellent HI-LO-GO capability in less than ideal conditions. The target weight or count is easily set using the keypad, and results are clearly displayed on the light tower as well as on the display. This high resolution weigher is ideal for exacting applications in any industry. The SEK uses an AC power cord for both the tower and to charge the internal rechargeable battery.

This series includes featers such as a HI-LO-GO check status indicator with programmable audio output, zero tracking, digital motion filters for adverse environmental conditions, easy calibration, RS232 interface, and smart power-save for battery conservation.


Demonstration of the Limit Data Memory Storage Function

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