What is the meaning of the Intelligent Weighing Technology logo?

//What is the meaning of the Intelligent Weighing Technology logo?

What is the meaning of the Intelligent Weighing Technology logo?


You will notice that the “Swoosh” in the logo connects the two “I”s in Intelligent.  The two “I”s stand for Innovation and Ingenuity”.

“Intelligent weighing” is the direction all laboratory and high precision industrial facilities have been going in for years.  We support critical applications with products that connect to your facility.

We concentrate on one field—weighing technology—so all you have to do is plug in your weighing instrument and go… with confidence.

That is why world leaders in balance and scale manufacture trust us to be their exclusive distribution partner in North America.

What sets you apart from other suppliers?

In industries as diverse as Life Sciences, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, there is a common denominator.  Whatever the weighing application, if it needs to be done, it needs to be done right.  From animal weighing to formulation to moisture analysis—the quality of the end product depends on the quality of the weighing results.

Intelligent-Lab balances and Intelligent-Weigh scales deliver the results you insist on—and they do it with ease.  Covering all aspects of weighing from simple, easy to use LCD displays to full graphic—application specific displays with multi language capability, this exclusive line is creating quite a stir.

Our products are designed and manufactured by industry experts and are solidly built from the ground up with superior engineering and components for exacting results.  The Intelligent-Lab and Intelligent-Weigh lines deliver the level of quality you depend on.

The Intelligent-Lab line includes analytical and top-loading balances equipped with either simple or full function displays, as well as moisture analysis balances. Many offer automatic internal calibration and offer a huge list of dedicated application software.

The Intelligent-Weigh line includes high precision bench scales through to counting and check-weighing scales.

Intelligent Weighing Technology is an international provider of a complete range of high-quality laboratory balances, industrial scales, load cells, and weighing accessories to the North American dealer market. Its leadership team has more than 70 years’ experience in the weighing and measurement business, both in the USA and worldwide.

With its 8,000 square foot facility located in Camarillo, CA, Intelligent Weighing Technology offers a high level of product inventory for faster shipping. But we don’t just ship product.  Every weighing instrument that leaves this building has been checked out and calibrated by our expert staff to make sure you get the best product available.  Built on a cornerstone of quality, precision, and service, Intelligent Weighing Technology provides its customers with the equipment they need, right on time.

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