Intelligent Weighing Technology at Pittcon 2017 | Highlights from Chicago

//Intelligent Weighing Technology at Pittcon 2017 | Highlights from Chicago

Intelligent Weighing Technology at Pittcon 2017 | Highlights from Chicago

The buzz among the weighing fraternity at Chicago’s Pittcon this year was the debut of the Precisa H Series semi-micro balance at our booth. A slick video accompanied the Swiss-made unit, driving customers and competitors alike to behold the new Touch Screen Tablet balance, and to eagerly run it through its paces. Several unnamed bystanders claimed that they “didn’t have anything like this.” And phrases such as “Oh my God, this is awesome!” were clearly heard.

The new balance by Precisa Gravimetrics AG is the first to successfully marry the high-end tablet look and feel with the functionality of a 5-place balance. The fact that it happened to also be equipped with automatic doors, an integral anti-static eliminator, and a leveling program, seemed to pale in significance when compared to the soft glow of the eye-catching touch screen. All anyone—competitors included—wanted to talk about was the new tablet display.

Also highlighted at our booth this year at Pittcon was the exceptional HT 224 by Vibra. Made in Japan, this is easily the best portable analytical balance available today. Recently sold to a major pharmaceutical company, it is being used as a validation balance all over the world. (Read the blog Vibra article.) The HT Series utilizes tuning fork technology making it very shipping capable. What is more, the unit can be removed from the “flight case” and used within minutes; surpassing the typical warm up time associated with traditional weighing technology.

Precisa prepASH

It was exhilarating to find that we achieved heavier than usual traffic to our booth compared to previous showings at Pittcon. We reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and received many promising leads and inquiries. We were also surprised by the interest displayed in our prepASH Gravimetric automatic ashing unit, shown at our booth for the first time with the scrubber.

Sartorius made an appearance at the Intelligent booth, as did A&D, both of whom complimented our display. Sartorius also shared some news about big changes coming to the top of their company. It would seem that there’s a new boss at the Sartorius Lab Division, and I’m sure we’ll all hear more about that in the near future.


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