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Connectivity is an important feature for some scales, allowing the user to print and save data to a spreadsheet or straight to paper. How the scale is connected (RS232 or USB) and what information is required vary from scale to scale and from industry to industry.

There are many considerations to be made when you need to send your scale or balance data to a printer, such as:

  • The purpose of the printed data (weigh record, receipts, reports including GLP or ISO compliance)
  • The data required for print (weight, gross/net/tare, time stamp, density, etc)
  • Does the printed text need to be formatted or labeled with specific terminology
  • Do the settings, calibration data, diagnostic or procedure files need to be printed
  • If the date and time need to be printed, and is there a real-time clock on the scale
  • The media will you print to (label, paper, both)
  • The physical distance between the scale and the printer

Read this blog article for a more detailed explanation.

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The below video is designed to give you an overview of connecting balances or scales to a PC with USB or RS232 while using third-party software, which is necessary for cleanly transferring data to computer programs such as Excel.