What Does Under Balance Weighing Mean?

//What Does Under Balance Weighing Mean?

What Does Under Balance Weighing Mean?

Where is my Hook?PX with Hook

Many of our balances are fitted with an under weighing hook facility, for under balance weighing. These hooks are sometimes used to weigh large or bulky items that might otherwise not fit on the platform but more usually they are used in density calculations where the item to be weighed is suspended, first in air and then in water, to determine the density of the item.

Whatever the reason there are two different ways of providing this important feature.

Some of our models have a hook attachment that is provided with the balance. This can be literally screwed into the base of the weighing mechanism, providing an actual hook to hang the sample on.

Others have the facility to add a hook, should you wish to use one.

Those with a hook supplied are:


PC Series

PD Series

Those with the facility to have a hook added later are:

LF 225 R                                                PBM Series                         PH Series

LF 224 R                                                AJ Series

HT 224 R                                               SJ Series

HT 224                                                  PBX Series

Hooks are available from our customer service staff. Please call 1-866-920-3000

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