Assembled in the USA

//Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA


Reclaiming Our FutureAssembly Line

As you are probably already aware, Intelligent Weighing Technology has exclusive representative agreements with several major weighing scale and balance manufacturers. We maintain large inventories of scales and balances in our purpose-built facility in California.

In April, we are making a big change! We are starting to assemble products in our own facility, beginning with the UFM range of NTEP bench scales. These “Assembled in USA from Parts from Overseas” units will be the first of many as we start our own assembly line for these products. New models will be added once the assembly line is up and running. Our intention is to build up to manufacturing complete scales—right here in the US of A—within one year’s time.

What Does This Mean For You?

Assembling products right here in the states, will allow us to react more swiftly to dealer needs, by being more flexible with our inventory. We can build product same day to respond promptly to your orders. Components are now on hand, giving us the power to build items specifically for your needs with immediacy. We feel strongly about the importance of doing our part to help bring manufacturing and assembly back to the United States. And we know that we have your support in our new venture.

Next MovesAssembly Line

A benefit of bringing manufacturing and assembly back to the states is the creation of new jobs. Here at Intelligent Weighing Technology, we have already hired on new staff to help with not only assembly, but eventually, with the design and manufacturing of new products, right here in our own back yard.


The USA assembled UFM-B bench scale models will be available starting in April, and other models will be available shortly thereafter. And don’t worry about missing out, as you’ll definitely hear about all of our new developments as they manifest themselves throughout the year. Be sure to create you dealer account on this website so that you’ll receive our monthly newsletter.

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