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Laboratory Prime SJ Series

Made in Japan Key Features Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN Counting, Checkweighing Below Balance Weighing In Use Dust Cover Optional Rechargeable Battery NTEP Approved to 0.01 g Ideal for Jewelry, Precious Metals and Pharmacy Vibra® Tuning Fork Sensor SOLAS Complaint Data Sheet   Video

Setra Quick Count Series

Key Features High Accuracy & Resolution Plug and Play Auto Zero Tracking Selectable Display Update Speed Two Year Warranty Data Sheet     

Laboratory Superior Standard LS-M Series Milligram

Made in Switzerland Key Features Force Compensation By Precisa® Vacuum Fluorescent Display User-Defined Settings SCS Self-Calibration System RS-232 / USB Interface Data Sheet User Manual Video

Laboratory Prime HT Series Analytical

Made in Japan Key Features Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside Windows® Compatible via RS 232 Interface Reads in g, mg, ct, oz, lb, oz t, dwt, GN, mommes Counting, %, Density Accumulation, Checkweghing Adjustable Filtering Levels CalQuick™ Single Button Calibration Below Balance Weighing Data Sheet  Video

Executive Pro EP-A Series Analytical

Made in Switzerland Key Features Force Compensation By Precisa® Intuitive Graphic Interface IR Automatic Sensor Draft Shield Integrated Applications Optional Communication Slide-in Modules SCS Self-Calibration System Standard: RS-232 / USB Interface Optional: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking Statistics Data Sheet User Manual Video

AFW Series

Made in Democratic Taiwan Key Features Heavy Industrial Use Cast Aluminum Base Stainless Steel Platform Cover Large Backlit Display Rechargeable Battery Optional 3" Wheel Kit Available Data Sheet 

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    Intelligent Weighing Technology Blog    

March 30, 2017
Intelligent Weighing Technology at Pittcon 2017 | Highlights from Chicago

The buzz among the weighing fraternity at Chicago’s Pittcon this year was the debut of the Precisa H Series semi-micro balance at our booth. A slick video accompanied the Swiss-made unit, driving customers and competitors alike to behold the new […]

March 23, 2017
The Reliable Stability of Tuning Fork Technology | A Real World Example

Travel Creates a Dilemma for Dynamic Machines If you talk about portability and analytical balances in the same breath, it seems like an oxymoron. Most balances are sensitive to being transported due to shock damage, as well as thermal changes. Most […]

November 16, 2016
One hundred years of the ISWM…

One hundred years of the ISWM… We should understand just what that means 17 US presidents The 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote The first transatlantic flight The strange and wonderful radio The Wall Street crash The Dust […]

July 25, 2016
What is SOLAS?

After several accidents involving overloaded containers or improperly packed cargo transport vessels, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) took steps to address these issues. IMO oversees the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention, and passed the new amendment in May […]

June 22, 2016
What is Washdown?

Washdown is a fairly common term in the industrial world, though its meaning can differ from industry to industry. Your car is washdown – your cell phone generally is not. Scales and balances called washdown are typically somewhere in between […]

October 7, 2015
Pittcon 2015 Recap

Thank you to everyone who came by to visit us at Pittcon in 2015. And id you missed it, here’s a photo recap of our booth:


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